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Top 5 JavaScript tools
Top weekly downloads:
tool iconAJV79,807,028
tool iconLodash45,864,435
tool iconBabel44,408,422
Top starred repositories:
tool iconVue200,301
tool iconReact196,740
tool iconelectron104,253
tool iconD3.js103,246
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Animations are a great way to make our website "not boring". Properly used animations can emphasize most important parts of the page and make user more engaged. Check this section and choose the one what is proper for you.


Browsing long documentations to find a small code snippet or use case for simple solutions makes you think like "Why... why I have to do it again..." ? If so - stop doing it and use cheatsheets instead.


You are feeling comfortable with JavaScript but writing CSS makes you cry? There is an alternative for you: "CSS in JSS". It is still CSS, but.. now you can write it inside JS files. Check this section if you want to know more.


Writing large application is always connected with some kind of data layer within the app. Check this section if you want to know what tools you can use to fetch, store, transform and distribute data in your app.


Sometimes one image is worth more than thousands words (or numbers), thus visualizing large amount of data can be easier understand by user. Having that in mind check out this section and start using great tools that are waiting here for you.


JavaScript is great, but... it is not perfect. Using some language extensions, like type checking can bring us a tons of new functionalities and code quality. Sounds interesting? Click the title above.


JavaScript is known from its reach frameworks ecosystem. Thanks to it we can create great applications in a very efficient way. Check this section If you want to stay up to date with information regarding JavaScript frameworks ecosystem you should.


Handling graphics on a page can be tricky and challenging task. Using big and not optimized images can significantly slow down page and discourage users from using again so using right tools and techniques is crucial in this area.


In this section you will find all tools regarding scrolling, movement, popups, modals, notifications and a lots more than that. In short - everything that is related to interactions with user.


Searching feature is one of the most important and also one of the most challenging to implement feature in any website The purpose of this section is to help you create this functionality without hassle.


In this section you will find great tools you can use to professionally authenticate and authorize users of your applications and also information how to protect your website from any kinds of cyber attacks.


Nowadays writing automation tests is a very important part of applications development. It protects us from random, unintentional mistakes and errors. It is also crucial when using any CI or CD tools to deploy your app.


Using on a website only one language narrows a lot potential users. Do not limit yourself only to one country or one commonly used language - add translations and internationalization to you app and significantly increase the number of users.


In this section you will find great tools that help you creating great UI elements like menus, text editors, calendars, inputs, forms, etc. This is a must see section for every front-end developer.


Linting, validation, date manipulation, objects helpers and much much more tools that will make your daily contact with JavaScript even more enjoyable. It is one of the most important section in Frontobook, so do not forget to check it carefully.
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