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Top 5 JAM tools
Top weekly downloads:
tool iconGatsby452,010
tool iconVuepress136,967
tool iconEleventy45,157
tool iconTina CMS24,478
Top starred repositories:
tool iconGatsby53,717
tool iconGhost 41,586
tool iconHexo35,609
tool iconGitbook25,117
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Content Management System (CMS) is a really powerful way to manage content displayed on a page. Thanks to it we can edit page content without touching the application code. Check this section and choose the best CMS fits for your needs.


JAM applications as a static pages can be hosted and served in a different way than traditional web applications. Thankfully "different" here means "easier" - sometimes with literally "one click". Check this section if you do not believe me.


In this section you will find places where you can store any media files like images, video, music, etc. and get them usually via application API which makes media management easier and independent from your code base.


Static site generator (SSG) is the crucial part of every JAM application. Here you create all the logic and layouts for your website and use API and/or Markdowns to fill it with content. Choosing the right SSG for your project is very important decision.
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