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Top 5 CSS tools
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tool iconpostcss73,527,326
tool iconcsso12,606,086
tool iconSASS9,525,457
tool iconhighlight.js8,026,964
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Animations are a great way to make our website "not boring". Properly used animations can emphasize most important parts of the page and make user more engaged. Check this section and choose the one what is proper for you.


Browsing long documentations to find a small code snippet or use case for simple solutions makes you think like "Why... why I have to do it again..." ? If so - stop doing it and use cheatsheets instead.


When creating prototypes or admin-like applications it is easier and much faster to use already created CSS styles gathered in frameworks rather than created them from scratch. CSS frameworks becoming more and more popular so it is worth to know the most popular ones.


Writing pure CSS styles that will work in almost all browser within all systems is really tough job. Thankfully we can use CSS processors which bring writing CSS to next level and simplify our work very much. This knowledge is crucial for every front-end developer.


If you think that creating fancy border shapes or filling backgrounds with multi color gradients is a hard task, then you should check this section - with right tools it is much easier than you might imagine.
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